Core Commander Basic Training

Core Tactics

Core Tactical Doctrine

Yes, it is true -- the Arm has excellent raiding prowess, due mainly to the Flash tank, with its reckless
and unpredictable EMG weapon. However, as Core, we have no need to run around scurrying like vermin. We
will build our Armies and control our territory, we will show the Arm that our Commanders possess a
raiding prowess of our own.

Make no mistake, our advanced technology is the final word on any battlefield, and we can walk through
any resistance with little effort. However, do not discount the resolve of our veteran patterns -- if
the Arm makes only one error early on, moments later we will be marching through their base searching
for the enemy Commander.

Surviving the First 10 Minutes

To win consistently as a Core Commander, you must respect Arm's raiding prowess and its ability to pin you
down with the powerful Flash tank, backed up with Samsons. We respect Arm's raiding prowess by:

1) Building as many Slashers as possible, backed up by radar, to control our territory and protect out
metal economy early on. The faster you think of the Slasher as a mobile Missile Tower, the better
off you'll be at defending your early expansion.

2) Using careful resource raiding parties of your own. The Weasel is an excellent Metal Extractor-hunter.
Doing regular passes against metal patches close to the enemy base and destroying metal extractors has two
advantages -- not only do you slow down the enemy's economy, but you've also forced him to defend his metal
extractors with units that are no longer adventuring through your territory. The Weasel is cheap and fast to build,
so it's not disruptive to your Slasher production if you occasionally turn one out.

3) Using the D-gun with discretion on Arm raiders. If you have the defenses to take out that pesky
incoming Flash tank column before it can do any serious damage, spare the D-gun. Why? The D-gun will
leave no wreckage, but conventional weapons will. Reclaim the wreckage to start a new project or
to crank out a few units quickly using assisted construction.

As Core, we DO NOT:

1) Attempt to raid as the Arm can. Although the Instigator does pack a good punch, its laser is underpowered
when compared to the might of the Flash tank. The Flash is faster, cheaper, quicker to produce and packs
more firepower then the Core Instigator. Attempting to raid with the Instigator is often a lethal waste of
time against a competent Arm Commander. More Flashes will get to their raiding areas faster and kill targets
quicker than Insitgators attempting the same strategy.

2) Rush to Level 2 technology until we have enough units to prevent the Arm from killing our fledgling base
with one blow. If there is a sudden lull in combat after you've successfully fended off some raiders, it's
not time to advance in technology -- it's time to stockpile units and scout Arm positions. More often than
not, the Arm Commander will be stockpiling for a large push as well. Getting caught with insufficient defenses
because a transtion to level 2 technology began too early is a leading cause of Commander destruction.

The Core Economy

Many Commanders are under the impression that Arm has the superior economic capabilities. For the expert
Commander, nothing could be further from the truth.

Once the Core Moho Metal Maker became available, Core gained a serious advantage in produtcion capabilties.
The Core Moho Metal maker drains 600 power, compared to Arm's 800 drain. What does this mean? For the Core
Commander with exceptional resource management and the knowledge on how to defend himself, they will easily
have the first Moho Metal Maker up and running before Arm does. This allows Core to quickly get up a Fusion,
which can power almost two more.

My favorite example is this is Greenhaven. This is a thermal-rich map, and it is easy to get two Geothermals
built quickly. Add five Solars to this and you have the power to run a Moho Metal Maker.

What does Arm need? Two Geothermals and 15 Solars.

As a Core Commander, you should be able to easily have your Moho Metal Maker up and running a good five
to six minutes faster than an Arm Commander of the same skill level. From there, you can be building more
Solars and Geothermals for your unit production while assisting a Fusion Plant at the same time.
You should be able to have a Fusion plant up and running eight to nine minutes faster than your Arm
counterpart, all the while taking advantage of the extra metal provided by the Moho Metal Maker.

Things to Remember That Give Core's Economy the Upper Hand

The fastest way to get the power for a Moho Metal Maker is not necessarily a Fusion. A combination
of wind, Solar and geothermal power stations can easily get you up to 600 power.

As you build up to this 600 power, adding regular metal makers will bolster your Metal Extractor
economy. A single construction unit guarded by an airborne construction unit can put up nine Solars
pretty quickly. Every three Solars can power a Metal Maker. Imagine if you have two teams each building
a set of nine Solars and three Metal Makers? In six to seven minutes, you have 360 power and six extra
metal coming in.

Reclaim all Enemies

Arm must be on the offensive to contain your expansion and prevent you from achieving tech level 2 on equal
footing. Unfortunately, this means they have lots of units out to get your early economy, and you must know
how to defend yourself. Fortunately, these raiders will be dying very close to your base; reclaiming them
will go a long way in bolstering your economy.