Total Annihilation is more complex than any real-time strategy game that came before. If you are reading this,
you know the devilish detail and insane tactical complexity of TA. By now you have spent late nights, and even
some early mornings, screaming at your screen while your forces get chewed up like cheap popcorn by the TA AI.

Trying to figure out how to beat and abuse that TA AI can become an obsession. At least it did for the Happy
Puppy Destructive Testing Team. We started losing sleep. We started blowing off appointments. The Happy Puppy
editorial pages started grinding to a halt. Something had to be done. We might all lose our jobs. More importantly,
we might not be able to keep affording our office space. And our office space was where our Local Area Network resided.
And that was our main way to play TA against our friends and coworkers. Unacceptable.

So what were we to do? We needed to exorcise our demons. We needed to figure out everything possible about TA and
then share it with the world. Because if we make sure that every gamer on the planet got just as addicted to TA
as we were, then the amount of time we were spending on this game would seem normal. It would become a new working
standard. Thirty hours a week in the standard office with half hour lunch breaks every day and two coffee breaks
followed by two mandatory hours of TA per night. Yes, if only we can get the information out, then we will be normal.

So here's the Online Strategy Guide. Here you will find the strategies, tips and techniques that will make you a
true monster at TA. And, incidentally, hopefully save our jobs.

Guide Overview

This guide breaks down into three basic parts: general advice, multiplayer and the missions against the computer.
But while there are multiple parts, the vast majority of the strategies and tricks you use are the same. And
which strategies and tricks you like are going to have a lot to do with the type of player you