If your game performance seems to be less than optimal, experiment with any one of the following suggestions. All suggestions have been known to improve game performance.

Confirm that you have no other Windows applications running in the background while playing the game.
Adjust the game simulation speed by using the '+' and '-' keys on your keyboard.
If your multiplayer game seems slow, confirm that you and your opponents all meet the minimum system recommendations for the number of players in your game. If one person's machine specifications falls below these recommendations, it may affect game performance for everyone.
Confirm that your machine specifications meet the recommended minimums for the multiplayer map chosen and number of players.
Experiment with your game options. Turning off shading, shadows, anti-aliasing or using stereo rather than 3D sound may improve performance.
If you experience performance slowdown while running in higher resolutions you may need to return to 640x480 mode. If you experience problems in higher resolutions it is possible that your video card is not fully DirectX compatible in these modes.


If you see the message "A required file DPLAYX.DLL was not found" when you run Total Annihilation this means that you have an older version of Microsoft DirectX on your machine. To correct this you will need to install the version of Microsoft DirectX included on the Total Annihilation installation CD.

9.2 Windows NT

This version of Total Annihilation has not been tested with Windows NT. A version of Windows NT with support for DirectX release 5 was not commercially available during production.

9.3 IP addresses

If you are using a modem to connect to the Internet and you want to host a game using the "Internet TCP/IP Connection for DirectPlay" we recommend you always enter the IP address of the dial-up adapter when requested to enter the IP address.

Typically an IP address is dynamically assigned each time you connect to your Internet service provider (ISP). To get the IP address of the dial-up adapter run winipcfg.exe using the Start button's "Run" option. winipcfg.exe is installed with Windows 95 into the main Windows directory (typically c:\windows). The combo box in the middle shows the IP addresses. If you have a PPP connection, look for the one that says "PPP adapter". This procedure is especially important if you have multiple IP addresses configured which might be the case if you have a network interface adapter card installed in addition to the dial-up adapter.