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To download the file, click on one of the links below. After you have downloaded the file, double-click to extract the it, which will place the file in the Total Annihilation installation directory (default is C:\Cavedog\Totala), unless otherwise specified. The file must be located in the same directory as Totala.exe.

TA Online Essentials

3.1 Patch
Download Version 3.1
Size 8.1MB

Total Annihilation Demo Recorder
Download TADemo99b2
Size 1.39MB

500 Unit Patch
Download 500 Unit Patch
Size 38KB

5000 Unit Patch
Download 5000 Unit Patch
Size 4.9KB

Core Contigency Units
Download CC Units
Size 3.66MB

Core Contigency Maps
Download CC Maps
Size 146MB

Core Contigency Features
Download CC Features
Size 11.3MB

Battle Tactics Maps
Download BT Maps
Size 8.9MB

No EMG Patch
Download No Emg Patch
Size 39KB

No CD Patch
Download No CD Patch
Size 6KB

MSN Zone Registry Fix
Download MSN Zone Registry Fix
Size 105KB

Download XTA
Size 3.31MB

Download McnTerra-NS
Size 75KB